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We've all come a long way and love the flexibility of Digital Photography whether it's our DSLR; our bridge camera; csc; point 'n' shoot or simply our phone. It's certainly an integral part of my own work as all of my Print Designs are derived from digital photographs which are dissected, recombined and of course Photoshop'd. Over the years I have taught many artists and photographers including photography teachers. The Photo Editing possibilities are endless; from creating a simple photo book to gaining a photography qualification or setting up a photographic business. Recently I've helped a few photographers to make the transition from amateur to professional by improving their photo editing skills; and enabling them to supply quality prints to their own clients. This has been achieved using Adobe Bridge, Photoshop and Camera Raw Editor plug-in; concentrating on complex topics like RAW Workflow and Colour Management. Plus there's been time for fun topics such as Creative Collage, Filters and Effects.  

Adobe Lightroom is the preferred option for some students. Therefore more recently I've ventured further into teaching Lightroom as a standalone program and in conjunction with Photoshop.

To conclude: Digital Photography is now inextricably intertwined with Digital Imaging and Digital Art. Learning about either can have a steep learning curve and price tag to match. Added to which the internet is already saturated with incredible digital images of every type imaginable. Despite this there's room for all of us regardless of experience and it's an ever growing market which I hope will keep me busy for years to come. 

Personally I'd like to spend a lot more time improving and refining my camera skills and taking lots more photographs than I do currently. Having spent many years editing images happily in Photoshop - I would like to explore more 'Pure Photography' with no editing at all. So I'm possibly working my way backwards !






If you are Bristol based and looking for Digital Photography Courses - See the LINKS page. The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) is open to all and offers a range of Photography awards beginning with a 'Licentiateship'; it also offers an RPS Certificate in Digital Photography, in conjunction with the Open University. The RPS is based in Bath. Local Photographer Graham Parish is now based in Glastonbury - He offers Shutterbugs workshops / experiences; and also teaches Digital Photography at the Bristol Folk House.