My name is Lee Spencer-Fleet – I’m a Teacher / Print Designer; and self-confessed computer addict. I currently work from my home studio in Bristol and enjoy both teaching and designing with Adobe Photoshop. I also teach Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

So that's enough about me already. What can I help you with ? In the studio I can help you to improve your digital skills with access to the latest software, a choice of Mac or PC platforms, professional camera equipment, plus print & scan facilities. There's a range of projects to explore, broadly covering Photo Editing and Design for Print and for Web. 

Recent examples of Digital Imaging projects with students include: Design of Posters & Web Banners; setting up Photo Editing Workflow for a new Photography business; preparing images for Print & Projected DI Competitions; preparing a Portfolio; getting to grips with Monitor Calibration & Print Profiles; and last but not least - File Management !

Sharing images has become a part of daily life; so if you’re looking for some help inpiration or simply need to be pointed in the right direction then please get in CONTACT or see the online SHOP to book a One-To-One session, course or workshop. 

You can also browse for Prints and Cards - all designed using Photoshop; and printed in the UK. Prices include online discount on the RRP.



Monday 11th January 2016: Illustrated Talk 'Creative Photoshop Projects'

At Bristol Photographic Society (Digital Imaging Group).


Saturday 6th February 2016: Workshop 'Introduction to 'Photoshop & Lightroom'

At Bristol Folk House


Thursday 12th - Wednesday 18th May 2016: 'Synergy' - Digital Print Exhibition
Thomas Page / Vennie / Lee Spencer-Fleet
Join us for social gathering & drinks Saturday 14th from 2pm-4pm

At Hamilton House Bristol


Saturday 28th May 2016: 'ART, Vintage & Collectors Fair'

At 160A Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8NT.


Tuesday 31st May 2016: Illustrated Talk 'Living with the Photoshop Family'

At Bath Photographic Society


Saturday 26th / Sunday 27th November 2016: North Bristol Arts Trail

At Venue 52: 26 Carnarvon Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 7DU.

Join us for preview eve & drinks Friday 25th / Time TBC.


Thursday 5th January 2017: Course 'Photoshop for Photographers (Beginners)'

At Bristol Photographic Society


Saturday 18th February 2017: Workshop 'Intro to Photoshop & Lightroom'

At Bristol Folk House


Monday 24th April 2017: Illustrated Talk 'Living with the Photoshop Family'

At Thornbury Camera Club


Saturday 8th July 2017: Workshop 'Introduction to 'Photoshop & Lightroom'

At Bristol Folk House


Saturday 25th November 2017: Workshop 'Introduction to 'Photoshop & Lightroom'

At Bristol Folk House


Thursday 4th January 2018: Course 'Photoshop for Photographers (Beginners)'

At Bristol Photographic Society.


Saturday 13th January 2018: Workshop 'Introduction to 'Photoshop & Lightroom'

At Bristol Folk House


Thursday 22nd February 2018: Illustrated Talk 'Living with the Photoshop Family'

At Portishead Photographic Society


Saturday 7th / Sunday 8th April 2018: Workshop 'Studio Photography / Lightroom'

At Bristol Folk House - DETAILS TO FOLLOW










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